Note: The building we operate out of is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. All on-site volunteering is suspended until the building re-opens. Please continue checking this page (or our home page) for updates.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us! As an all-volunteer group, our work is possible only because of the dedication of volunteers.

First-time volunteers are welcome, but because of limited space and because this work requires training over time, we cannot accommodate one-time volunteers.


People who wish to volunteer with us must start by registering for training. Effective March 12, 2020, all trainings are suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. When we are able to offer trainings again, instructions for registering will be provided in this space.

Community Service

If you need documentation of community service hours, you must have your arrival and departure times logged each time you volunteer. Ask a volunteer who is wearing a red "Ask Me" button to record the times of your arrival and departure. We cannot certify community service hours if this procedure is not followed.


We appreciate your interest in bringing a group to help us get books into the hands of the incarcerated. Groups wishing an introduction to our organization should contact us at btopdc@gmail.com for group presentation times and information. Due to limited access to our room, which is used for other purposes, we are unable to accommodate many group requests. Groups are scheduled for weeknight evenings or Saturday mornings, contingent upon room availability.

When and Where We Pack

We are open Wednesdays 5:00-9:45pm and Thursdays 5:00-8:45pm, except for federal holidays and days when snow causes the federal government to close.

Two and a half blocks east of Dupont Circle, Foundry United Methodist Church generously provides space to DC Books to Prisons. The church is located at 1500 16th St NW, Washington DC, 20036.

To get to us via Metro, take the Red Line to Dupont Circle, leave via the south entrance, walk partially around the circle to P Street, and go east 2.5 blocks.

To get to us via the Blue/Orange Line, go to McPherson Square, leave via the White House exit, walk one block west on I Street. Once you get to 16th Street, wait for a northbound bus. When the bus goes through the tunnel, pull the "stop requested" wire and get off at the next stop which is the intersection of P Street and 16th Street NW.

If you travel via Capital Bikeshare, you can dock your bike at station #31201, located at the intersection of P Street NW and 15th Street NW.

If you are driving, please be aware Foundry does not have a parking lot, so you will need to find street parking.

The church has multiple entrances. Use the one on 16th Street that can be reached by going up either steps or a ramp. Ring the doorbell to be let in, go through the lobby to your left, then go downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left. We are in room B1, opposite the men's restroom.

Volunteers using wheelchairs or scooters can reach our room by going up the ramp on 16th Street then taking an elevator down to our floor. For more details on disability access, see our page for volunteers with disabilities.

Nut-Free Policy

To ensure the safety of a person with a severe nut allergy, Foundry has gone nut-free. Please do not bring any foods containing nuts into the building.