Notes from Prison

Thank you for everything that you do. You have no idea how much this not only means to us, but also helps us. Please don't ever stop. —Robert, Tucson AZ

I am 43 years old, from Winston-Salem NC, and I am…discovering that positive, constructive reading can transform the mis-formed negative mentality into an open, objective-minded, reality-based personality. —Darren, Raleigh NC

I greatly appreciate your help and assistance on my journey. May peace rest in your heart and soul…Knowledge gained, knowledge not shared, is knowledge abused! —David, Clifton TN

The books you have sent to so many prisoners have changed countless lives and helped them to escape the world of prison. Additionally, many books have become educational and I have personally seen may prisoners become interested in what they have read and often ask questions concerning the topic. In a way, this restores my faith in humanity, forgiveness and compassion. —Stephen, Pampa TX

I would like to thank you and your coworkers for all that you do to help incarcerated people. You all are a blessing to all of us, and I appreciate all that you do. —Rafael, Corcoran CA