Join Our Listserv

If you are interested in Books to Prisons, please consider joining one of our listserves. We have two, one for folks who are around a lot and want a high-traffic email list to discuss the day to day operations of Books to Prisons, and one to get announcements out to folks who want to know what we are up to. Please read the descriptions below, and decide which listserve is right for you.

The Announce List will provide updates about Books to Prisons events, campaigns and projects and will be low traffic. This is meant for folks who support BtP and who want to know what BtP is up to but who aren't involved in the nuts and bolts (ex: coming to packing nights, fundraising, collecting books). You can sign up for the Announce List by going to and then clicking Join this Group!.

The Discussion List includes emails about the day-to-day operations of the group and asks for input or assistance on the latest Books to Prisons projects. Those involved in keeping Books to Prisons moving forward use this list as a way to communicate with members that participate (or who wish to participate) in BtP's core work. You can sign up for the Discussion List by going to and then clicking Join this Group!